​In-Home Pet Sitting

Have the peace of mind while you are away that your beloved pet receives the best care. Your pet can stay in your home where they are familiar with their surroundings. This help them accept their families absence and gives you the comfort of knowing your pet is safe and secure. 

Dog-Sitting Visit ($18-$20): The Dog-Sitting Visit for one dog is $18 per visit and for two dogs is $20. We provide a minimum of three 30-minute daily visits. The morning and evening visit will include feeding, time to use the bathroom, and affection. The afternoon visit includes a 25-minute neighborhood walk. You also have the option of having the sitter fill a mentally stimulating toy prior to leaving your home. If you wish to extend the walk time or request the Wilderness Walk or the Neighborhood Jog/Run, additional fees will be applied. ***

Pet-Sitting Visit ($15): This option is for cats, birds, and other small mammals. The cost is $15 per vist. Each 20-minute visit will include feeding, litter box cleaning, affection, and playtime or mentally stimulating activity. ***

* Servicing Burke, Springfield, and Surrounding Areas VA

** Specialized rates available

*** Federal Holiday Surcharge (additional $10/visit)