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"Colleen delivers what can only BEST be described as a harmonious relationship and bond that transcends the human-canine repertoire. 
In the nine weeks of lessons, Colleen, facilitated a keen sense of purpose for my K9 and either meet or exceeded all my expectations with my service dog. She can remediate habitual problems,(most likely resulting from contributing factors lacking in human awareness) of the K9 ability to process the desired behavior. Colleen is a natural Trainer, she's enthusiastic and vastly supportive. She is not just formally trained; but she applies her years of cultivated experience to leverage results! What a gift to open, unwrap and behold, its like learning a new language and resulting in my situation, when my team suited up and took the field, we were ready to savor victory! " - Jake Schneider

Located in Burke/Springfield, VA

Featured in NOVA Magazine 

Best of 2013

June Edition

Thank you, to all our veterans (past and present), for all the sacrifices you and your family have made for our country!

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I am a wife, mother, dog lover, and a certified dog trainer.  I know first-hand the difference dog training can make in the relationship between a dog and their owner.  Without professional training it can sometimes be a trying relationship. With the help of a good trainer, a peaceful and happy future is in store.